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Nails That Slay: Achieving Stunning Nail Enhancements at a Salon

Are you dreaming of having long, elegant nails with elaborate nail art but are not sure where to start? Nail extensions have a rich history, dating back to ancient Egypt and China, where they were used to signify wealth and status. Today, whether it’s choosing from the many different types of nail enhancement services out there, picking which nail trend will suit your style, or making sure you have the perfect nail products to get the effect you’re looking for. There's much more to consider when it comes to the mind-boggling art and types of nail enhancement techniques.

Embarking on your nail extension journey? Our guide is here to provide you with the necessary support and guidance. We'll walk you through the various types of nail extensions and their unique strengths and weaknesses and help you determine the best option for you.

Different types of nail enhancement explained.

If you’ve never experimented with nail enhancement services before, the difference between acrylics, press-on, and gel nails can seem pretty opaque. For instance, the trendy 'French tip' look can be achieved with all three types, but each has its own unique process and maintenance requirements. While it’s possible to achieve your favourite nail trend with different types of nail extensions, they vary greatly in the time it takes to complete the service, the maintenance required to keep them looking their best, and how you will feel as you wear them daily.

Deciding which option is best for you or which type of nail enhancement you’d like to offer your clients depends on several factors, including cost. Let’s review the main types of nail extensions to identify their key features, benefits, drawbacks, and approximate costs.

Acrylic Nails

Acrylics are the oldest type of nail extension as they have a reputation for being classic and a popular option at many salons. Nail Bar by Creative Claws was the pioneer of the acrylic nail extension technique, so we know how to make this style work for our esteemed clients.

Acrylics are formed by blending a ratio of liquid (monomer) and acrylic powder (polymer) to create a bead, which is then sculpted into a nail shape using a form that dictates the extension length and shape. They are durable, sturdy, and long-lasting and can be infilled regularly for an ongoing lengthened manicure all year round. Acrylics’ strong, thick, final shape is preferred by some individuals but not by all. Also, it takes expertise and practice to mix the right ratio that is neither too wet to work nor too dry to form a smooth final result.

Soft Gel/Gel X Nails

Soft Gel offers a convenient and effective way to enhance the length and shape of your natural nails. These tips are created using pre-formed tips, carefully applied and built with a soft gel. The gel is delicately spread onto the underside of a nail form before being gently placed onto the natural nail. The gel sets under the UV nail lamp's curing light, resulting in the desired length and shape.

Soft Gel nails provide added length and a fresh shape and strengthen natural nails.

Soft Gel/Gel X nails are a fantastic option if you prefer a short tip and value your time. They can significantly reduce the service time, giving you more time for other activities. Soft gels also allow for intricate freehand nail art or patterns, providing a sense of relief about the time-saving aspect. However, it's important to note that some may find soft gels less sturdy and durable than acrylic nails.

Builder Gel/BIAB Nails

Builder Gel nails are the goldilocks of gels — being easy to work with and building up much like soft nail gels but curing to a more sturdy texture similar to hard gel nails. Builder Gel is a great, forgiving medium for at-home nail lovers trying out extensions for the first time. It tends to ‘self-level’ out, helping you build the desired nail apex and shape without having lumps or bumps in your final cured product.

Builder Gel/BIAB nails can be removed with acetone. Even if you don’t have tools like nail drills, you can still safely remove them at home before creating your new manicure. Dual forms will help you shape and build out the perfect forms with builder gels.

Hard Gel or Poly/Type Gel Nails

Hard sculpting gels are the other nail extension alternatives that may be more difficult to work with for beginners but cure a hard, durable texture more similar to acrylics. These can be used for natural nail overlays, tip and overlays, sculpting on a form, and extremely long-lasting pedicures.

Hard/Poly-Type Gels often come in opaque true colours that give you the perfect opacity with ease. Some hard gels can have a strong odour, so make sure you choose a product like the Elite Sculptor LED/UV Gel System from NSI Australia that is HEMA-free and user-friendly, even for keen at-home amateurs.

Why Choose Nail Bar by Creative Claws for Nail Enhancement Services?

When it comes to achieving stunning nails that make a statement, look no further than Nail Bar by Creative Claws. Our experienced team and top-notch products can give you your dream nails.

One of the most prominent factors at the Nail Bar by Creative Claws is our commitment to using premium-quality products and materials. When you choose our salon for your nail enhancement services, you can trust that your nails will look amazing and last.

We prioritise durability, ensuring that your extensions maintain their stunning appearance for an extended period. Say goodbye to weak polish and chipped polish and hello to flawless nails that will turn heads wherever you go.

At Nail Bar by Creative Claws, we take pride in our team of talented and skilled technicians. Our professionals are experienced in various types of nail enhancement applications and committed to providing personalised service.

Ready to experience the Nail Bar by Creative Claws difference? Book your appointment today!

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